Antique Caucasian Shirvan Rug



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“The design in this carpet is most distinctive and is know as prayer designs for over a thousand years.
One can find the connotation of the design back to pre-Islamic Persia, where the architectural plan was coined and implemented by designers for the rugs.
Ancient Persians believed the ideal place for paradise is through a gate to unspoiled nature where one’s soul is guided by Mithraist ideals (Ancient Persian religion that was practiced by the Romans).
One can easily observe the resemblance of the church’s gate to the paradisal Gate which is well over 7000 years old.
Usually, this design is accompanied by the two vertical columns and
supplemented by the lights in between the columns to guide one’s soul,
which within ancient Persian philosophy we are fighting evil every day through the dark and lightness.

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Dimensions 260 x 168 cm

Caucasian Shirvan

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