Smith Premier No.4 Typewriter

Smith Premier No.4 Typewriter

Code: H199

£950.00 Approx $1202.53, €1108.52

Smith Premier No.4 typewriter serial no.59808 1903/4 with double keyboard (no shift key!) and under strike mechanism (the typist had to keep lifting the platen to see the typing!)

This style of typewriters were sometimes called blindwriters.

Used in large offices such as banks, solicitors, government, many of these sturdy typewriters remained in use well into the 20th Century.

This machine is in excellent condition with keys, frame, transfers and gilt pinstripe in unusually good conditon, complete with its original tin plate cover.

Fully overhauled, cleaned, platen servced, adjusted and tested by an experienced typewriter technician summer 2023, in full working order.

Collectors item, sought after in such good condition.