French Garniture Clock and Side Pieces

French Garniture Clock and Side Pieces

Code: H199

£950.00 Approx $1204.06, €1112.41

A handsome high quality French garniture clock and side pieces of black Belgian slate inset with rouge mottled marble, Circa 1860-70.

Clock movement with visible Brocot escapement is a 7 day hour and half hour countwheel strike on a bell, signed on the back plate "ANC'NE M'ON FRANJUS RAISON & THOMAS SUCCESSEURS",  No 757, with impressed medallion for gold medal 1855, temperature compensated mercury pendulum.

The dial with Roman numerals has a slow-fast adjustment square at the 12.00 o'clock position for fine adjustment.

This Clock set was brought in an antique shop in Melun, south of Paris, in 1995.

Fully serviced and tested.