A River Arun Landscape ~ José Weiss

A River Arun Landscape ~ José Weiss

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W: 63.5cm (25")H: 51cm (20.1")

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Jose Weiss (Joseph Vincent Nicholas Francis Weiss) was landscape painter, born in Paris in 1859. He adopted British nationality in 1899 after a painting holiday in Sussex.


He lived At Houghton House in the village of Houghton, near Arundel, West Sussex.


Weiss was a prolific and great painter of English landscapes in the style of the Barbizon School, mostly depicting scenes of the Sussex countryside, and exhibited 17 works at the Royal Academy 1887-1904.Works include ‘A Sussex Farmyard’, ‘Southdown Sheep’, and ‘A bright day on the Arun.


He is also known as a great pioneer of aviation and a glider enthusiast an interest that he was as passionate about as his painting.