ALFRED DE BREANSKI Senior 1852-1928

ALFRED DE BREANSKI Senior 1852-1928

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‘The Dee at Pen-y-Bont’


Alfred de Breanski was a distinguished landscape painter who was born in London.  His younger brother and sister, Gustave and Julie, were also painters.  He married Annie Roberts, a talented Welsh artist, in 1873.  He had seven children, two of whom were Alfred Fontville and Arthur, both to become reasonably successful artists, particularly the former.

Alfred Sen.’s work was highly acclaimed and much sought after, particularly his Scottish loch and Welsh lake scenes.  He painted a number of Thames views including Windsor, and Cookham where he lived for many years.  He also lived in Greenwich and Lewisham.

He first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1872, then a further 23 works there until retirement in 1919.  At the Royal Society of British Artists he exhibited 80 works, and approximately 80 elsewhere, including the Royal Cambrian Academy.  Amongst his patrons were Sir James Lemon JP, and the Bishop of Peterborough who bought Alfred’s first RA exhibit ‘Evening: Softly Falls the Even Light’. 


Alfred Sen.’s paintings are represented in several museums around the world including Southampton, Sydney, and Laing Art Galleries, and Newcastle.  He became Freeman of the City of London in 1880.


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