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W: 91.5cm (36")H: 58.5cm (23")

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‘The Flooded Plain of Thebes’


This is a large stunning work, exhibited at the Royal Academy No. 1038 in 1874.


Arthur Gilbert was born Arthur Gilbert Frederick Williams on 19 December 1819 at Newington Butts Road in South East London. He was the fourth son of the painter Edward Williams (1781–1855) and Ann Hildebrandt (c.1780–1851), and a member of the Williams family of painters, who were related to such famous artists as James Ward, R.A. and George Morland. Arthur’s father was a well-known landscape artist, who taught him how to paint. Arthur Gilbert became known for painting small moonlight and night scenes, as well as stark mountains landscapes, many of which were exhibited in London.[3] He painted also two large pictures of Saint John the Baptist for the "atelier Jacques-Paul Migne" that are part of the triptych of the choir in the gothic church of Audresselles, sea-side village in France (Pas-de-Calais).

He enjoyed considerable success during his lifetime, changing his name from Williams to avoid confusion with other members of the Williams family He exhibited 48 works at the Royal Academy 1836-1894, 51 works at the British Institute and 11 works at Suffolk Street. He was one of the three most successful of the Williams brothers and his work was recognised as such,

including a personal invitation from W.M. Rossetti to send paintings to the first Exhibition of Living British Artists, held in New York in the autumn of 1857.


Signed              23 x 36in