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W: 50.8cm (20")H: 76cm (29.9")

£3,750.00 Approx $5158.18, €4391.1

‘A Day in the Highlands’


Basil Bradley was born in London in 1842 and was an accomplished artist who painted in watercolours and specialised in painting animals set in naturalistic landscapes. His father William Bradley was a portrait painter, he had four siblings. He married Fanny Jemima Pattison at Marleybone, London in 1874, the couple appear to have had no children, The year after marriage, his first painting Victor and Vanquished, was accepted to hang at the Royal Academy Exhibition. He exhibited an additional 9 works at the Royal Academy and 28 at the Royal Watercolour Society. Elsewhere he exhibited in Birmingham, Liverpool and Manchester. Examples of his work can be found in The Victoria and Albert Museum, Manchester Art Gallery, Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport Gallery, Oldham and Blackburn Museum / Art Gallery. For the Majority of his life he lived in Milford, Surrey.

A watercolour of this very subject was displayed lot 442 in Sothebys in the year 2000 (£3-5000)