Cornelius Krieghoff Dutch/Canadian 1815-72

Cornelius Krieghoff Dutch/Canadian 1815-72

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W: 60cm (23.6")H: 44cm (17.3")

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'Entrance to the Harbour at Scheveningen'

Althrough theres is a Dutch flag atop the boat's mast, it has been suggested that this is in fact a view inspired by his 'lumbar' paintings on the St Lawrence, Canada, painted durig the latter half of 1860's, on his returnfrom Europe which he visited in 1863 for a few years to study the work of the Old Masters (there are three recorded 'lumbar' works all portraying remarkedly similar skies and seas. Compare lot 147 Heffel Art Fall auction 2005 or Sothebys Canada lot 52 May 1970).