FRIEDRICH (or FEDERICO) PAOLO NERLY 1842-1919 (the Younger)

FRIEDRICH (or FEDERICO) PAOLO NERLY 1842-1919 (the Younger)

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‘View of Venice Punta Della Degana’


Provenance:  Hampel Fine Art, Munich.


He was a German painter who specialized in seascapes.

His father was the German landscape painter, Friedrich von Nerly, with whom he completed his first studies. He later enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts of Venice, studying under professors Eugene de BlaasFederico Moja, and Pompeo Mariano Molmenti. From 1862–66 he served in the army. He then visited the principal artistic cities of Germany, being Düsseldorf, Weimar, Munich, and Dresden. In 1868, he traveled to France, Austria, Dalmatia, and Montenegro, then Rome, Naples, and Sicily. He moved to Naples and Sicily to paint. 

His masterworks included ‘Fishing in the Gulf of Siracusa’, purchased by the German Emperor; ‘I bragozzi dell' Adriatico’, in the Civic Museum of Danzig; ‘Palermo, Veduta’, purchased by the Duchess of Genoa; ‘Litorale veneto’, in the Revoltella Civic Museum in Trieste; ‘The Lagoon of Venice’, property of the Duke of Coburg; and ‘Island of Capri’, which was sold to the Baroness of Friedlander in Berlin. 

Among his other works are ‘Il salto di Tiberio veduto dal mure’ and ‘Isola di Capri’, exhibited at Rome in 1883; ‘La spiaggia di Massa’ and ‘Tempestuous Sea in the Gulf of Salerno’, exhibited at Venice in 1887 and at Bologna in 1888; and further outstanding, ‘Burrasca’, ‘Marina di Napoli’ and ‘Sulla Spiaggia’

In fine condition.

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