Henry Scott 'The Night Watch'

Henry Scott 'The Night Watch'

Code: H580


W: 101.5cm (40")H: 61cm (24")

£18,500.00 Approx $22397.09, €21461.72

Biography: Henry Scott painted marine and coastal scenes in a manner that was not unlike Montague Dawson. His paintings have a unique vibrancy, capturing the movement of the waves and the strength of the wind in the billowing sails.

Much of his work was done on commission for his wealthy clients; he famously painted ‘Morning Cloud’ for the then Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Edward Heath, MBE, in 1970. 

Scott was strongly associated with the Royal Society of Artists. He exhibited at the following London venues: the Society of Marine Artists; the Royal Academy; The Royal Exchange; The Guildhall, as well as St. Malo Museum, France and Madison Square in New York.

Scott was honoured as a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and awarded an honorary Life Member ‘Cape Homers’ by the International Association of Master Mariners.

Dimensions: 61cm x 101.5cm

Condition: Signed. The painting has had a knock to the area of sky between the ships, which has now been dealt with. There is a slightly raised ridge in the paint in the area of the knock. Not withstanding the repair I mention, the painting is ready to hang. It is presented in what I believe is its original frame.