John Alexander Harrington Bird 1846-1936

John Alexander Harrington Bird 1846-1936

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W: 110cm (43.3")H: 78cm (30.7")

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John Alexander Harrington Bird was a British sporting artist best known for depictions of horses, equestrian scenes, polo players. horse racing and hunting scenes in watercolour, pastels and oils. Some were exotic 'Orientalist' scenes of horses with Arabian handlers.

Bird was educated in London and studied at the Royal Academy. In 1875, he went to Montral and served as Director of Art on the Board of School commissions. In 1880, he joined the Royal Canadian Academy as an associate member and exhibited there. He reterned to London in 1885, and remained there for the rest of his life. Between 1870 and 1893 he exhibited his work at the Royal Academy and at the Royal Society of British Artists on Suffold Street London. There were many prints published after his paintings. He signed his work Harrington Bird.

Signed and dated 1931