PETER POWER 1939- Artist and Marine Art Historian

PETER POWER 1939- Artist and Marine Art Historian

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Peter gave up his surveying career in 1977 to become a full time marine painter.

The “Mary Rose Trust” and “Victory” museum were both so impressed with Peter’s work that they produced limited edition prints of major paintings, “THE MARY ROSE”, “VICTORY BREAKING the LINE”, and “THE BATTLE of CAPE TRAFALGAR’’.

Encouraged by Spanish collector Rafael Pedrosa, Peter started work in 1988 on six large oil paintings of Christopher Columbus’s famous Voyage of Discovery to the New World; the final painting was completed in May 1990. This group of paintings combine Peter’s outstanding artistic talent with historical and maritime accuracy. The six paintings are currently on loan to a Museum in Spain with an option to purchase for around one million pounds.

His work is in private collections world wide.

He has recently come out of retirement to research and paint the likely image of the NEWPORT MEDIEVAL SHIP (see Wikipedia) for Newport City Council.