Santi Corsi - 'Madonna del Granduca

Santi Corsi - 'Madonna del Granduca" after Raphael

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W: 84cm (33.1")H: 114cm (44.9")

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Oil on Canvas

The Madonna del Granduca is a Madonna painting by the Italian renaissance artist Raphael (Raffaello Santi - 1483-1520), a principal work at the Pritti Palace in Florence, which houses the Palatine Gallery.

Our Madonna was painted by the highly talented Florentine artist, Santi Corsi, whose workshop was only a 15-minute walk away from the Pitti Palace. He specialised in painting the rooms of the Palatine Gallery, documenting the masterpieces displayed & collected over the centuries.

Santi Corsi had obtained permission to reproduce the paintings echibited, and carry the wax seal of the Pitti on the reverse of many of his works. His painting of the public opening of the collection was bequeathed by the last heiress of the Medici family to the city of 'La Sala Di Apollo' (Hall of Apollo) in Palazzo Pitti, shows Raphael's Madonna de Granduca.