William Anslow Thornley

William Anslow Thornley

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W: 24cm (9.4")H: 18.5cm (7.3")

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Title: Whitby & Scarborough. a pair

Biography: William Anslow Thornley was born circa 1830 and died 1898. He was known for his coastal scene painting. He had various pseudonyms: William Anslow Thornbury; Hubert Anslow Thornberry and Hubert Anslow Thornley.

Thornley was a prolific painter of high standards whose attractive views of shipping off English, Dutch and French coasts were exhibited widely during his lifetime. He exhibited at major London venues including 50 at the Royal Academy (1859-1898), 54 at the Royal Society of British Artists and 4 at the British Institute (1861-1867). Thornley also exhibited at the Paris Salon of French Artists, receiving an honourable mention in 1881 and a third place medal in 1888.

Circa: Mid/late Victorian