Cased Travelling Pistol By Joseph Egg 1825 - 30

Cased Travelling Pistol By Joseph Egg 1825 - 30

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Octagonal 5” blued sighted barrels marked to top flat ‘JOSEPH EGG INVENTOR OF COPPER CAPS’ with address of ‘No.1 PICCADILLY LONDON’ under bottom barrel. Scroll engraved tang with sight. Iron ramrod to left hand side with typical Egg hatching to tip. Border engraved lockplates each signed JOSEPH EGG, scroll and foliate engraved with raised end plate, scroll engraved dolphin head hammers to match with blued external mainspring. Excellent working actions. Figured rounded chequered stock with handling marks but minimal shrinkage. Vacant silver escutcheon. ‘Skull crusher’ style (ridged) blued buttcap, finely engraved. Blued triggerguard with matching scroll and foliate engraving.

Complete in its fitted mahogany case with copperplate makers label (minor marks), copper and brass three way flask (excellent condition), bullet mould marked WD and 50, ramrod/cleaning rod with brass captive iron worm and alternate cleaning tip, wad punch, nipple key with hole pricker, bone lidded compartment with some 50 bore bullets and horse hair for cleaning bore.

Joseph Egg, nephew of Durs Egg, is recorded at 1 Piccadilly (corner of Piccadilly and Haymarket) between 1814 and 1834. Famous for his exquisite over and under “Baby Eggs’, this pistol being a slightly larger version built on the same principles.