'By The Pond' - Victor Kirilovich Gaiduk

'By The Pond' - Victor Kirilovich Gaiduk

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W: 70cm (27.6")H: 52cm (20.5")

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'By the Pond' - Victor Kirilovich Gaiduk Circa 1960.

A Charming oil painting on board, signed and titled on the reverse. Victor Kirilovich Gaiduk was born in 1926 in the city of Zaperozhie. A Ukranian artist of the soviet era, he studied in the Torbin studio, Poland Graduating to Comradeship of artists 1951-1957 his teacher was the famous Ukranian artist G.Kolosovskogo. He started exhibiting in 1953 and has many paintings in private and public museums in Ukraine and abroard. Gaiduk is listed in the 'Dictionary' of 20th Century Russian and Soviet paintings 1900-1980 by Matthew Bown Culleme. He was a member of the Union of artists, he died in 1992.