17th Century Band Sampler

17th Century Band Sampler "EL"

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W: 31.5cm (12.4")H: 83.5cm (32.9")

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A "Band" Sampler made during the 1600's, probably between 1650 and 1700 as an example of the complicated patterns of embroidery to be used on domestic items and clothes. This Sampler would not have been sewn to be displayed on the wall, as the later ones were - it would have been kept rolled up in a coffer, or work box, to be consulted when a new piece of household linen, to be embellished with embroidery, was commenced. Many Samplers sewn during the 17th century do not bear a name or date. This Sampler is finished with the initials "E L" and may well have been marked by the owner as a way of distinguishing it from her sisters' work. There are, however, some dated examples in the Victoria and Albert Museum and some of the wider bands on this Sampler can be compared with those showing that the basic patterns had been copied from printed books. (The narrow bands seem to be more individual.) This Sampler has been conserved by being hand sewn onto natural linen which has been backed by museum quality mount board before being framed.