Fred Bottomley, Guildhall, London

Fred Bottomley, Guildhall, London

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W: 72cm (28.3")H: 81cm (31.9")

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Fred Bottomley (1883-1960.) Guildhall, London. Circa 1940. A beautiful and colourful oil painting of this popular landmark. New handmade frame. 

Frederck Bottomley, 1883-1960. Painter of landscapes, townscapes and coastal scenes in oils and watercolours. He trained at the Slade School and between 1931 and 1939 lived at St Ives where he was a member of the St Ives Art Club. He later lived at Stratford-upon-Avon. He exhibited at the RA between 1931 and 1944, at the ROI and in Birmingham. His representational paintings included oils of London scenes such as Trafalgar Square, views of Southport and of St Ives such as The Harbour, St Ives, RA 1941.

In her book "St Ives 1883-1993 Portrait of an Art Colony" Marion Whybrow writtes: He worked in a studio on the quay and had a notice in his window, which was larger than the window frame so part of the writing was concealed. The notice read, "Paintings by red Bottom"