Sampler Adam & Eve

Sampler Adam & Eve

Code: H460


W: 43.5cm (17.1")H: 50cm (19.7")

£535.00 Approx $647.7, €620.65

A beautiful example of one of the much sought after "Adam and Eve" Samplers worked with silk, in delicate cross stitch, on finely woven cloth.

One is forced to wonder what stopped the girl who embroidered this sampler so exquisitely, from finishing it. It was obviously treasured, and has remained in good condition, retaining the original bright colours in which it was sewn.

Unfortunately, we will never know her name.

From the fabric, and style of fine sewing, it would appear to date from the late Georgian period.

(The figures of Adam and Eve, with the serpent and tree, flower urns and the surroundings boarder being worked to an almost identical design as another sampler - bearing the date '1819').