Sampler by Elizabeth Lawton

Sampler by Elizabeth Lawton

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W: 64cm (25.2")H: 74cm (29.1")

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Elizabeth Lawton finished this large complicated Sampler at the unbelievably early age of 10 years, showing the high standards which were achieved by young children, and not only her skill with the needle, but sense of design, ability to count the minute threads (necessary to fit all the features symmetrically within the carnation border) and above all, patience! Worked with a mixture of geometric and realistic designs (note the small birds flying above the temple) in fine, coloured threads, almost entirely in cross stitch – but with an eye-catching central band of satin stitch depicting the garden in front of The Temple of Solomon. Elizabeth did not date her work, but depictions of the Temple of Solomon on Samplers seems to have been a popular subject between 1815 & 1840, and the two styles of script she has used were also prevalent during this period. Similar roses & diamonds were worked on Samplers of the late 1830’s. The faux rosewood and gilt frame has been dated to the 1840’s, and is possibly the frame made for this Sampler at the time Elizabeth finished it. It must have made a very impressive feature for her proud parents to display.