Sampler by Elizabeth Part

Sampler by Elizabeth Part

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W: 40cm (15.7")H: 57cm (22.4")

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This sampler by Elizabeth Part was once amongst Anne Sebba's collection. Anne was the author of 'Samplers, Five Centuries of a Gentle Art'. Elizabeth sewed it when she was just 9 years old, in 1803, using cross stítch on a fairly closely tabby woven cloth, which would have made the counting of the threads quite a challenge - but she took extreme care, especially as it is composed almost entirely of writing, with a small selection trom the standard sampler motifs embroidered down each side. 


"My tender parents doth me Learning give

If Fortune frowns by that I hope to Live

I will for Grace to my Redeemer pray

That I my Carefull parents may Obey.

For thus experience bids us learn

From what we see or find

To take the good that we discern

And leave the bad behind

With pity we those faults should see

Which most we ought to shun

And yet be cautious too lest we

By them should be undone

Tis by degrees to ill we fall

And slowly those begin

With whom great faults succeed to small

Few rush at once to sin

Jest not with crimes offences fear

From wild companions fly

Be wise be good you'll prosper here and rise to bliss on high.

Go humble Lines and plead in my defence

Arm your Request with my Obedience

Gain but acceptance my Joy will abound

To find my Marking with your likeing crownd"