Sampler by Hannah Fielden

Sampler by Hannah Fielden

Code: H460


W: 57cm (22.4")H: 61cm (24")

£595.00 Approx $730.06, €692.67

Hannah Fielden sewed her Sampler when she was 12 years old in 1837 using some unusual features – such as her ‘wider than normal’ border which consists of a continuous trailing branch of realistic rosebuds. A morality rhyme is positioned between floral motifs, also worked to a more realistic design than the usual ‘geometric’ flowers found on Samplers. A house, with its brickwork cleverly delineated, is embroidered at the bottom – perhaps representing Hannah’s home or school. A very attractive piece, worked in cross stitch, with a little tent stitch – in excellent condition, in a frame which compliments the colours of the embroidery to perfection.