Sampler by Mary Steelfox

Sampler by Mary Steelfox

Code: H460


W: 66cm (26")H: 52cm (20.5")

£915.00 Approx $1122.7, €1065.19

Steelfox – A large George IV Sampler in excellent condition, meticulously worked by Mary Steelfox in 1826 in cross stitch, using silk threads on a linen ground. The verse surrounded by a floral border and a number of motifs, including Adam & Eve with the Serpent coiled around the Tree of Knowledge, Solomon’s Temple, a house and other buildings – one possibly representing Mary’s school. Flowers, birds and bowls of fruit are also featured. This Sampler has been conserved by being hand sewn onto pure unbleached linen,  before being framed and glazed.