Sampler by Sarah Millner

Sampler by Sarah Millner

Code: H460


W: 38cm (15")H: 60cm (23.6")

£445.00 Approx $556.25, €526.63

Millner – The skill that 10 year old Sarah Millner demonstrated with her needle has to be seen to be believed. This Sampler, sewn on a fine pale woollen cloth was finished in 1794, and time has not looked after it too well. There are a number of moth holes, and other damage to the edges, and the once bright silks have faded – but for all that, it has a beauty of its own. The border is different from any I’ve previously seen – being  a straight row of perfect satin stitches in green, forming a ‘stem’, with attached small pink buds, and leaves. Her finely embroidered alphabets and numerals are in both Algerian Eye and cross stitch, underlined with a band of closely worked Algerian Eyes (another unusual feature). The Lords Prayer is underlined by another satin stitch row and followed by motifs sewn in minute cross stitch. Below are three separate homilies, edged with painstakingly worked flowering plants and birds. This sampler has been hand-sewn onto raw silk and mounted on Museum quality board, before being framed and glazed.