Pierre Vernet - Oil on Canvas

Pierre Vernet - Oil on Canvas

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W: 62cm (24.4")H: 62cm (24.4")

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Pierre Vernet (1797 – 1873)  – Children and Horses By a Stream – Oil On Board – Signed and Dated 1854.

Pierre Vernet (1797-1873), French painter, draughtsman. Studied under Achille-Etna Michallon at the Académie des beaux-arts in Paris (early 1820s). Worked in Russia (1835–73), where he witnessed thefiire at the Winter Palace (1837) and painted commissions for the future Tsar Alexander 11 (1840s–60s). Contributed to the Paris Salon (1831–35) and the exhibitions of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1842, 1860–61, 1861–62). . This particular picture is of major importance as it has been put in print and is still to this day.