Antique Carpet Chinese Rug From Tebat

Antique Carpet Chinese Rug From Tebat

Code: H77


W: 182cm (71.7")L: 270cm (106.3")

£3,500.00 Approx $4430.38, €4084.01

Borrowing from the new and the old, this palatial Chinese carpet showcases a formal dragon medallion with traditional symbols and design elements that are depicted in a fresh, creative manner. Mauves and bright azures inject the traditional palette of soft camel brown and clear blue with vivid Art Deco accents. The Directional composition features five fantastically detailed dragons accompanied by clouds and heavily stylized vapors. These airy and fiery elements are grounded by splashing waves and jutting peaks that provide a sense of balance and tradition. A lone shot symbol protected by the dominant dragon figure marks the center of the field and functions as a creative Art Deco medallion. This dramatic scene has framed by delicate floral guard bands and crisp Greek key borders that have the same balance of tradition and invention.