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Sampler by Mary Frances Hatton

£645.00 Approx $778.99, €764.22

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W: 44cm (17.3")H: 54cm (21.3")

Mary Frances Hatton was only 10 years old when she completed her Sampler in 1823. Mainly embroidered in exquisitely tiny cross-stitch, she enhanced some areas with satin stitch. Mary must have enjoyed sewing, because she filled her fabric with as many motifs (which include 21 birds - of various breeds such as owls, peacock, pigeon and 3 buildings - possibly garden features on a Family Estate) as she could. She chose a verse seen on a number of other samplers. This Sampler has been conserved by being hand sewn onto natural unbleached Irish linen, before being framed and glazed. Unframed size 32 cms by 42 cms.