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Batten Family, Collection of Three Late 19th Century Samplers

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W: 36.5cm (14.4")H: 78.5cm (30.9")

Batten Family - An unusual collection of three late 19th century Samplers, belonging to one family (surname Batten, of Well Springs, Sotwell, Berkshire - now Oxfordshire) and contained within one frame. At the top is a small colourful alphabet Sampler embroidered in fine wool ~ cross stitch. Below this is a slightly larger example, worked with similar wools and cloth by "E B" during the "Jubilee Year 1887", saying "God save our Gracious Queen Long Live our Noble Queen God save the Queen". Beneath these is a very uncommon survivor ~ sewn on pre-punched card (available from the 1870's and sometimes called 'Bristol Board', generally used by quite small children [both boys and girls] for Samplers or moral texts). In this case, the tiny holes are very neatly embroidered with fine blue and brown threads scribing ~ "If Siners Intice The Consent Thou Not My Brother XJohn Batten XSotwell Berks". This is attached to a short length of dark blue ribbon. At the base is a small piece cut from a school exercise book saying "Emma Batten Stan III". On the reverse of the frame, a note reads "Samplers worked in Brightwell School by Emma and John Batten of The Well Springs". A little research on the internet shows that according to the 1881 census, John and Emma Batten lived at Well Springs, Sotwell, with their children Emma, Anne, Louis John and Charlie. Emma jnr would have been eleven in 1887, when she embroidered her 'Jubilee' Sampler. She may have worked the Alphabet Sampler when she was younger, or perhaps Anne (three years her junior) made it, presumably, the card Sampler was sewn by Louis John.