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John Lynn 'HMS Vernon Shortening Sail after a Trial Trip'

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W: 122cm (48")H: 91.5cm (36")

'HMS Vernon Shortening Sail after a Trial Trip'

Provenance: purchased at the sale of the late Admiral Sir Thomas Symonds effects, Torqyay March 1897.

John Lynn is a little recorded but excellent maritime painter who has three paintings in the permanent collection of the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. His paintings are of high quality and quite rare, and possess a deep understanding of the power of the sea. Perhaps because his life is so sketchily recorded his work is still underrated, and (as mentioned in Deny's Brook Hart's 'British 19th Century Marine Paintings) in due course his name will take its rightful place in the upper echelons of British marine painters in a short span of 12 years he exhibited 9 works at the British Institute and 5 at the Suffolk Street Galleries (RSBA). Also represented at the London Science Museum and Anglesey Abbey in Cambridgeshire.

A substantial and rare work.