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Antique Persian Rugs, Orange Rug From Heriz Carpet

£6,100.00 Approx $8390.65, €7142.86

Code: H77


W: 245cm (96.5")L: 330cm (129.9")

Attractive Persian rugs with all-over patterned rugs design in an excellent condition, and floral rug style, it can be suitable as large living room rugs or dining room rugs. This Persian carpet is kind of carpets and rugs which is kind of luxury rugs from traditional rugs style of north-west of Iran circa the 1890s. This geometric rug has nice orange field and beautifully designed navy border. These kinds of rugs for sale can be a very good idea as a large living room rugs or dining room rugs as well, also this style getting most of the attention in the rug store. mostly people how coming for oriental rugs influence by Heriz style traditional rugs.