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Victorian Cased Percussion Revolver

£3,400.00 Approx $4676.75, €3981.26

Code: H508

Antique Voctorian cased percussion revolver by George Gibbs of Bristol

Webley wedge frame type of pistol, circa 1855. Blued octagonal barrel, the top signed, George Gibbs, 29 Corn St, Bristol. Five shot blued cylinder with much finished remaining as does the frame. The trigger and hammer are in good working order. Chequred walnut grip with factory blued iron back strap and butt cap. The left side is fitted with a polished articulated rammer. The pistol retains much original finish which is amazing for a gun of this age and it measures approximately 8 inches or 20cm. Complete with original oak storage box which is fitted for the pistol and the accessories with blue baize lining. The fitting comprise, Bartram brass/copper bag shaped flask, bullet mould, turn screw, oil bottle, nipple key and two cap tins. The interior lid of the boz has large trade label for, George Gibbs of Bristol. A superb Victorian cased percussion pistol of fine quality.