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W: 91.5cm (36")H: 53cm (20.9")

‘Yachts at Anchor’ (possibly Royal Yacht Schooner, ‘Gelert’)


Born in France, youngest son of Thomas Arthur Forrest, equerry to Queen Victoria.  Forced to flee to Jersey on the commencement of the French Revolution in 1830.  Educated in Jamaica and Germany. In 1876 he migrated with his family to Tasmania where he eventually moved to Hobart.  Following several jobs and appointments he fully devoted his time to art from 1881 for the rest of his life, painting many fine marines and landscapes.  His marines were meticulously detailed and often stormy; his landscapes were peaceful with mystical backgrounds of hazy blue or purple mountains……his views of Hobart and Mount Wellington (in conjunction with the photographer J.W.Beattie) formed the first set of pictorial stamps produced in Australia.  He is known to have painted some New Zealand scenes.

Many of his paintings hang in Tasmanian and other Australian public art galleries, including the National Gallery of Australia.  Recently there has been a strong demand for his paintings. He died in Melton Mowbray, England.